Unfortunately, there are many people seriously injured, burned and even killed in Australian homes by preventable electrical accidents.
Elec+ Solutions is dedicated to maintaining the safety of Australian home owners by conducting complimentary electrical safety checks. Our electricians will discuss any urgent electrical safety issues and make recommendations for the future.
From 1 January 2019, safety switches have become mandatory on all circuits in new homes. Safety switches on all circuits in the switchboard will increase the safety of the home by cutting the power to an electrical circuit if there is an electrical shock.
With the electrical safety check, our qualified “A-grade” electricians will look for the following:

  1. Exposed live parts – these are a serious threat to safety and should be rectified immediately
  2. No visible vermin – geckos and vermin are possible fire risks and the electrician can advise how to safely remove nests/debris and seal access areas to prevent further infestation.
  3. No asbestos visible – asbestos is a serious threat to health and should not be disturbed. Advice can be given on the removal and disposal of hazardous waste.
  4. Main earth in good condition – in some situations the main earth prevents electric shock, thus if it is missing or damaged it must be replaced.
  5. No rewireable fuses visible – it is illegal to install rewireable fuses as they are associated with fires and safety incidents. They should be replaced with a combined circuit breaker and safety switch.
  6. Safety switches – power outlets – these are mandatory for power points as a safety switch can cut the power faster than a heartbeat, in the event of an electric shock.
  7. Safety switches – lighting – these are mandatory for lighting circuits as they save lives.
  8. Safety switches – other circuits – these are mandatory on all final circuits as they save lives.
  9. No visible recalled cable products – there have been many recalls in recent years where such products should be removed and replaced.
  10. Switchboard is structurally sound – Corrosion, signs of water access, loose hinges and door catches can all present a risk of fire or electric shock. Recommendations can be made to make the switchboard safe.

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